Do You Do the Dishes At Work?

Do you have what it takes to make someone do something they may not really want to do?  Take doing the dishes at work.  Maybe you can find that one person or group of people that are easily influenced or just simply don’t READ MORE

How Many Hours Do People Really Work in a day?

The American National Bureau of Economic Research recently conducted a study that indicates that working long working hours is not actually productive.  This Survey found that people spend 50 minutes per day on non-work-related activities. Another study completed by Paychex with 2,000 full-time employees READ MORE

The Power of ‘Down’ Time

With our cold winters here in Canada, people tend to switch into a different gear once the weather starts to get warmer and vacation time is closer. But it’s not just the warmer weather that motivates us to shift, but any plan for READ MORE

Why Every Employer Should Serve Chocolate

Why Every Employer Should Serve Chocolate

We were recently doing an outdoor training session on a very warm day, with leaders from a ‘high-end’ service organization. We threw a bag of mixed mini chocolate bars on the water cooler as an after thought, just in case a small snack READ MORE

Courageous Leadership

A recent article in Forbes magazine used a newer term we’ve been hearing a lot about called ‘courageous leadership’. It seems to run alongside another term we’ve heard recently called ‘radical candor’. Both terms conjure up an image of someone who is bold, READ MORE

Opportunities for You…Join The Tech Industry

We are always amazed by the passion and engagement we see with the companies we assist, and the technology industry companies we serve have reinforced the importance of taking care of people as a key ingredient. Time and time again they have shown READ MORE

Social Loafing Holding You Back?

None of us go to work and say “I’m going to let my co-worker pull the weight today” or “I’m only using half of my skills today”. There is however, a prevailing perception that if you simply do the technical tasks of your READ MORE

Dress Code, The Loaded Canon

What is acceptable to wear in the workplace?   What does ‘dress for success’ look like nowadays?  Does asking employees to dress a specific way a violation of their rights?  Well…it depends.  There are many factors to consider in the current business and societal READ MORE

Missing The Small Things Can Compromise Your Success

There are lots of reasons that we can miss small things that are important to ensuring that big mistakes are avoided.  It gets even scarier when those mistakes cause accidents.     How can we possibly keep on top of everything? We have at READ MORE

Your Work – Technician, Manager or Entrepreneur?

Within each of us there is a technical expert, a manager and an entrepreneur. The book E-myth by Michael Gerber discusses this phenomenon in relation to achieving small business success. He repeatedly positions the successful and fulfilled small business owner as one who READ MORE

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