Connecting Group Think and Wage Parity

With the recent 30-year anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, we’ve been doing some additional research on one of the causes of that disaster – something called “group think”. Group think is a phenomenon where a group or team of people think READ MORE

Trust me – I need Some Privacy at Work

More and more we see the trend towards open office space and hot desks being associated with increased innovation, productivity and teamwork. But what are the costs to these types of work spaces and how do we take what we might already have READ MORE

Disrespected at Work?

We all have been disrespected at work at one time or another. Maybe it’s a co-worker, or even your boss. The times when someone says or does something that really rubs you the wrong way and you think “they should know that’s offensive, READ MORE

Create Happiness by Finding Meaning in your Work

What if this year you try something different to find happiness in your work life? What if this year your resolution creates some real, long-lasting traction? We know that statistics show that 95% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by January 15th. Even READ MORE

The Benefits of Off Site Training

It was a day where time almost stood still. Training a group of 60 individuals in a place that has such character, charm and beauty was truly amazing. How can you go wrong with a room surrounded by windows overlooking a beautiful orchard READ MORE

Build Relationships…Build Your Organization

When you think of running an organization, many times we think about the ‘tasks’ that need to be completed like inventory management, bookkeeping, hiring and marketing administration. All these responsibilities are important to the smooth running of a business, but the key to READ MORE

Make Decisions by Knowing Your Values

Values tell a story about who we are and what’s important to us. Know your top five values as an organization and individual and then ask yourself if you’re fully living into them. Every decision you make should be in line with those READ MORE

Passion, Success and Happiness…

Want Passion Success Happiness? It can be as simple as learning how to learn.  In every training session and facilitated dialogue we do, we learn something about ourselves as individuals and business partners and a lot about the people we serve.  Check out READ MORE

Growth Through Struggle

It’s time for us to share a part of our journey of growth through struggle. How did we get where we are today? Although we were born the same year, raised in the same city and had daughters born in the same hospital READ MORE

Trust in the Workplace
Trust in the Workplace

Workplace trust.  Is it hard to believe that only a small percentage of people actually trust their employers? Research as shown that one in three people don’t trust their employer, according to the new Edelman “Trust Barometer”, a survey of 33,000 people in 28 READ MORE

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