Our SHSM Programs


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Our Specialist High Skills Major one day conferences are designed to meet the Ministry of Education’s SHSM components. Participants gain valuable industry transferable skills throughout the day, utilizing unique and engaging techniques while receiving 2 certificates of completion.

2 Certifications +  Industry Talks & Tour

 LUNCH is provided for an additional fee.

Mix and Match

Any Two Certifications and any Venue

We are continually building new venue partnerships to meet your needs



Customer Service Budweiser Gardens London
Leadership Grand Theatre London
Business Etiquette Parkwood Hospital London
Event Planning Palace Theatre London
Guest Services Jet Aircraft Museum London
Hospitality Services Pearce Retreat Centre London Area
Health and Safety Palasad South London
Ergonomics Elmhurst Inn & Spa Ingersoll
Safe Lifting Butterfly Conservatory Cambridge
Personality Inventory Toyota Motor Company Cambridge
Communication Living Arts Centre Mississauga
Conflict Management Hershey Sports Centre Mississauga
Ethical Considerations Powerade Centre Mississauga
Equity and Inclusion Microsoft Experience Mississauga
Networking Hyland Golf Club Mississauga
Public Speaking Mississauga Grand Conference Centre
Project Management Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Portfolio Development Mississauga Fire Station 111


Sample Agenda For the Day


9:00am – 3pm (end time is flexible)

9:00am                      Buses arrive

9:15am                       Session One:   A high energy, interactive training session including music, video and team building exercises.
Get ready… participants won’t be sleeping through these certifications!

 11:00 -11:30am   Lunch

 11:30-12:15pm      Session Two:   Get the inside scoop. See careers as never before. Tour of facility and Staff Talk sharing their passion for their work, personal stories and diversity of careers the field.

12:15-2:15pm          Session Three:   An interactive afternoon session will further engage participants and allow for deepening expression and learning, as participants explore the second certification.

 2:15-2:45pm        Feedback, certificate presentation and close of session.

 3:00pm                 Buses Depart


Certification Descriptions

Customer Service Training and Certification

This certification will enable participants to define and understand the benefits of exceptional customer service. while exploring the power of networking and building customer-focused relationships in reaching their goals.   Participants will learn and practice networking techniques, such as creating a unique value proposition,  the 30 second elevator speech and building on networks from existing networks.  They will also learn to recognize the barriers to great customer service, how to adapt to different customer behaviour styles and develop a personal action plan to develop their skills.  Participants will understand the importance of ongoing engagement to maintain networks and building lasting relationships by adding value and having a ‘serve’ verses ‘sell’ approach.

Business Etiquette Training and Certification

This certification will enable participants to explore professional business etiquette in the new millennium.  Topics covered will include first impression management, time and resource management, accountability and responsibility components including punctuality and respect, proper use of business communication mediums, such as e-mail and cell phones, as well as image management such as the use of language and dress in the workplace. Participants will learn proper phone etiquette which will encompass preparing for calls, using professional call greetings, appropriate language and voice inflection as well as questioning and listening skills that support effective phone communication.

Leadership Certification Training and Certification

This certification will enable participants to explore leadership practices and practical applications that identifies leadership skills and competencies.  Participants will be empowered to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of life and is designed to uncover, deepen, and build on their natural strengths as a leader.  Topics covered will include learning how to raise their personal awareness of their strengths and limiting beliefs, learning new ways to work that will create environments where positive things happen and learning ways to ignite their own and others passions and best selves so that they are inspired to contribute at their highest potential.

Health & Safety Training and Certification

This certification is designed to cover Ontario’s mandatory health and safety awareness training pursuit to the Health & Safety Act and is aimed at increasing knowledge of basic rights and responsibilities under the Act and heighten awareness of basic workplace health and safety issues. Participants will learn about worker, supervisor and employer responsibilities, worker rights, incident reporting, personal protective equipment,  lock out tag out, the role of health & safety committees and the use of health & safety policies and procedures to ensure safety.   This certification involves placing young workers in simulated/role play situations where they will learn to respond appropriately according to the Health & Safety Act.

Communication Training and Certification

This certification explores the importance of strong communication skills in the workplace and identifies what makes these skills hard to master and the pitfalls that workers, young and old, can fall into when not using proper communication strategies.  Participants will learn about various communication techniques including face-to-face (formal and informal), and effective use of various communication channels such as email, newsletters, social media, websites and electronic and physical bulletin boards.   Participants will develop an action plan based on their communication style by learning how perceptions impact communication, understanding active listening and level three attention, and being introduced to different communication styles based on personality types.

Conflict Resolution Training and Certification

This certification explores the basis of conflict, conflict as a stage in the continuum of change, the different conflict styles and best uses of each style and builds skills for reaching effective solutions.  Participants will learn to identify potential areas for disagreement before they surface, articulate desired outcomes and how to effectively deal with difficult people and challenging situations.  Throughout the certification participants will learn how conflicts affect them in various situations, how to adjust perspectives in order to shift thinking and action and understand how to address conflict based on equity and human needs.  Participants will have the opportunity to identify 2-3 skills they will commit to improving their communication and deescalating a conflict situation.

Personality Inventory Training and Certification

This certification pulls on a number of personality tools where participants self-identify traits that they most align with.  Participants will work on defining what is most important in their lives and gain clarity about what they truly want to accomplish, understand their strengths and unique gifts and talents to increase confidence in what they offer and understand what’s holding them back and learn to overcome limiting beliefs.  Participants build on this knowledge to identify skills that utilize their natural traits to optimal potential and the highest level of satisfaction and passion in their work.

Equity and Inclusion Training and Certification

This certification speaks to barriers that various populations may face as they try to navigate social systems, and challenges participants to consider diversity, check assumptions, ask about inclusion and apply their learning’s to their work.   Participants will review the ‘inter-sectional wheel diagram’ to explain how individuals may face multiple forms of discrimination and factors that contribute to discrimination.  They will discuss systemic barriers and how participants can become champions for equity.

Other  Certifications

Public Speaking
​Ethical Considerations
Safe Lifting
Instructor Certification
Retail Representative
Successful Exhibiting
Group Dynamics
Phone Etiquette
Problem Solving
Guest Services
Event Co-ordination

Project Management

Portfolio Development

What students are saying:

” It was an awesome day today.  I learned something new and loved being with other students.” ” I really enjoyed the day.  It was personally a great experience.  I loved what we were learning about and the people that organized it are great!  You make it fun and enjoyable and I am always open to learning new things and I actually learned a lot today.  It is all practical things that can be applied in everyday life!!.”” It was a great day thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing useful information.”
” Great energy….great job at teaching students to be business savvy.”