ICE: Resiliency For Decision-Making & Leadership

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ICE Summary

(Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship)

ICE Logo Flashpoint

What is ICE? Innovation is the generation and realization of a new idea in the world. This means that innovation contains within it elements of both creativity and entrepreneurship. Creativity comes into play in the generation of ideas to meet a need in the world. This is based on a fundamental belief that there is more than one right answer to a given problem. Entrepreneurship is the set of activities aimed at building, scaling and sustaining the new ideas into an existing organization or creating a new one.

Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship (ICE) are linked. One cannot exist without the others.

Why is ICE important? Adopting a creative, innovative, or entrepreneurial mindset prepares you to make a change in the world around you. It enables you to find creative solutions to problems in real companies. Every person needs to understand the ICE process and tools no matter what career or job you hold.

What is the process for ICE? ICE has a 3 GEAR Formula.

Gear 1: Finding the Need – What’s the problem? Interpreting information about various areas of the company such as people, processes, and problems. Focus on finding needs instead of finding solutions because they last longer than any single solution does.

Gear 2: Idea Generating & Prototyping – How might the need be satisfied? Coming up with many ideas AND getting feedback on those ideas. The generation of multiple ideas, making connections, and imagining what could be takes creativity. “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”  Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate

Gear 3: Choosing a solution with Strategy & Testing – What solution works best? Selecting and making a solution work by expanding on one idea. Strategy is making choices about what you will and won’t do and who they will or won’t serve. Customers who will choose to buy/use your product/service must be clearly identified. Testing your strategy requires making assumptions about customers, competition, or the company.

Critical Thinking Activities

Increase your critical thinking skills by reviewing the three activities below:

It’s time for… Brain Yoga!

Tour Guide for an Alien

Get your brain flowing!


Please review each of these resources thoroughly to help solve the problem in the next section.

Improve your resilience.

Get inspired by watching the resiliency video.

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.

Watch and Reflect on the following:

What is resilience?

How might your work experience improve your resilience over time?

Resilience Summary

What is resilience? Your ability to cope with difficult situations and bounce back. Your ability to be resilient is based on your genetics and your experiences. Resilience can improve with positive experiences.

*Your ‘why’ has to be greater than the barriers you will face.

*When life knocks you down, fight back by knowing your ‘why.’ It will give you focus to persevere.

What are the key elements of resilience?

1. Confidence – Learning from mistakes and renaming them.

2. Social support.

3. Adaptability – Understanding your failure, reflecting and being open to new ideas – Not sabotaging yourself.

4. Purposefulness – Having clear goals no matter what the setbacks might be.

How do you build your resilience?

1. Find meaning in your day – Set goals you can accomplish.

2. Practice self care.

3. Be optimistic – Focus on things you can control.

4. Be proactive – Make a plan and take action.

5. Nurture your relationships.

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Your Challenge is…

Think about a time when you experienced a tough disagreement or conflict; whether it was at school, work, co-op or even within an extracurricular activity. Think about how you resolved the disagreement or conflict at that time. Based on that experience, how might you build resiliency? Given what you have learned in this certification, how could you re-do that scenario for a better outcome? What would the new outcome look like?

(submit your answers in the worksheet below)

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