Guest Services Certification

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to prepare for the quiz at the end of this page.

Step 2: Questions

Why do you think the speaker meant when he said diversity is part of our DNA?

What are some to categories individuals put people in to make sense of things? How would you be aware of this and adjust when delivering guest services?

How does the Legend Experience identify and deliver a personalized Guest Experience?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

This puzzle contains significant hints for the final quiz!

1. One benefit of anticipating customer needs is Reduced ...... for support agents
2. If someone’s behavior doesn’t match your ...... behavior expectations, suspend judgement
3. Remember Cultural ..... are learned – different cultures have different norms, values etc.

Step 4: Summary

  • Understanding and anticipating what a guest needs then knowing how to meet and exceed those needs
  • Remember Cultural values are learned – different cultures have different norms,  values etc.
  • Note the differences that matter.
  • If someone’s behavior doesn’t match your  communication behavior expectations, suspend judgement
  • Adapt your  communication style to suit that context
  • Poor Customer Service  Source: Right Now’s Customer Experience Impact 2010 Report).
  • Higher Conversion Rates ( a customer taking a desired action ie liking your website)
  • Reduced workload for support agents
  • Increased customer loyalty

Step 5: Quiz

Complete the following quiz and your certificate will be sent to your teacher once your submission has been reviewed. Good luck!

Complete Quiz

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