Personality Inventory Certification

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to prepare for the quiz at the end of this page.

Step 2: Questions

Reflect on some of the key messages in the video and how they may relate to you

The Holland Code – Read and select which one you think you are

The Holland Code – See which careers are a fit for you based on your assessment of the Holland Code

Holland Code Career Fit

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

This puzzle contains significant hints for the final quiz!

1. Fear of f...... is a common limiting belief.
2. You cannot deal with limiting b...... by practicing negative self talk.
3. Artistic is one type of p..........

Step 4: Summary

  • The truths that define you, such as personality type, morals, and interests
  • A fear that gets in the way of doing what you want such as failure, disappointment, or acceptance. What you think becomes who you are your thoughts are powerful
  • I’m not cool enough, it’s too hard, I don’t have enough money, it’s too much work, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I don’t know where to start, everyone will think it’s a bad idea
  • Practice positive self talk, surround yourself with people who can support/mentor you, fake it ’till you make it, positive visualization
  • Because it is important to do what you love! From there, you can make decisions about what you need to do to get you there

Step 5: Quiz

Complete the following quiz and your certificate will be sent to your teacher once your submission has been reviewed. Good luck!

Complete Quiz

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