Ethical Considerations Certification

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to prepare for the quiz at the end of this page.

Step 2: Questions

Reflect on when you have had to make a decision and were conflicted.

What was the root cause of your decision making problem?

  • Greed
  • Power
  • Laziness
  • Confusion
  • Complacency
  • A need to get even

 Identify an ethical problem you may be facing and work through the following steps to find an ethical solution.

  1. List the facts that have the most bearing on the decision.

  2. Identify those affected by your decision and how they are affected.

  3. Explain what each affected person would want to resolve.

  4. List alternative actions and identify the best and worst case scenario, anyone who would be harmed by this choice (and how), and any reasons why this alternative should not be selected (legal issues, rules, etc.).

Determine a course of action.

Watch the Video!

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Step 3: Exercise

This puzzle contains significant hints for the final quiz!

1. Ethics are rules or s........ governing the conduct by which you live your life.
2. All organizations define e..... in the same way.
3. People become c......... with ethics when people are greedy, lazy or confused.

Step 4: Summary

  • Rules or standards governing the conduct by which you live your life
  • We trust our parents’ judgement
  • Keeps us out of trouble
  • We feel guilty when don’t follow the family’s code of ethics
  • Would be embarrassed if we got caught
  • We would feel like we let our family down
  • Greed
  • Power
  • Laziness
  • Confusion
  • Complacency
  • To get even

What is included in workplace ethics?

Ethics to govern relationships with others (e.g. vulnerable persons)

Policies and practices

Moral judgements about political action & agents

Respect for patient autonomy, justice, not harming, etc.

Step 5: Quiz

Complete the following quiz and your certificate will be sent to your teacher once your submission has been reviewed. Good luck!

Complete Quiz

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