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Online creating opportunities through Co-op

This is an online independent experiential learning with virtual industry expert support for course DC030

What to Expect

Our program enables students to independently complete co-op requirements. This is an online co-op experiential learning experience that includes 3 virtual meetings with an industry partner.

Students complete 4 modules with assignments submissions by creating a website that draws on their sector interests, skills, and career life goals. These modules along with support from our industry expert, creates an independent learning environment that builds innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

How it works

Students complete a total of four (4) online independent modules and work through a clear step-by-step process to complete four (4) assignments. Learning, feedback and Q&A from an industry expert is provided virtually at key points in the term.

Teachers act in the role of supervisor and assign grades as this is not a placement but a experiential learning opportunity.

Prizes awarded to a student from each virtual session for the best final assignment submission.

We make it easy!

Full coordination and support from Flashpoint Training and its industry partners. Tech support provided for students and teachers.

Online or Face to Face Co-op ‘Classroom’ Components

We know what employers are looking for! Flashpoint’s content creators have interviewed and hired 1000’s of students as HR Leaders.

Prepare your students for the working word with the ten essential skills every employer desires with our online training experiences. Modules include: direct access links, a short video, a quiz and extra resources for students to use based on their needs and interests.

Ten Online/or Face to Face Pre-experience Certifications

We offer “in class components” for both Cooperative Education Linked to a Related Course or Creating Opportunities Though Co-op DC030

Business Etiquette
Customer Service
Effective Networking
Ethical Considerations
Group Dynamics
Leadership Skills
Personality Inventory
Portfolio Development
Project Management