Collaboration, Cohesion and Trust

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to assist you with completing your Action Worksheet

Step 2: Questions

Reflect on the following:

Think about your own team and what makes your team powerful? What aspects could work better?

How might your team maintain transparent communication?

Think about a workplace ritual you have participated in at work in the past? How did you know if it was successful or not?

Think of a tradition that your team might implement.

Reflect on the Following Questions:

Have you ever had your trust compromised?

Based on the formula, what caused your trust to be compromised?

Note the multiplier:

How many times does it take for you to build or redevelop trust?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

1. Think about a workplace ritual that could bring your team closer.

It has to cost less than $100 and requires less than an hour to organize.

Think about an artifact that could be incorporated. Ex: Trophy, Sash. 

The Team member(s) of significance for the month gets to have the artifact on their desk.

2. Complete the quiz below!

Are you a Team Player

Step 4: Summary

  • Gather based on shared values though: collaboration, leading at all levels and empowering others to give candid feedback
  • Set time and place to communicate and none work activities 
  • Create traditions Ex.“Weeny Wednesday’s” where each team makes hotdogs as a united way fundraiser
  • Transparent Communication
  • Poor team selection
  • Not knowing who is on the team or should be
  • Not setting clear direction about what the team is supposed to be doing 
  • Team not recognized for good work 
  • Teams that are too big
  • Teams get to comfortable with each other and accept falsehood
  • Handle differences in a productive way
    • Agree to disagree with team mates and use systems to move forward
    • Use systems to resolve conflict effectively
    • Embrace fiction from other backgrounds
    • Respect others strengths and weaknesses
  • Interact with teammates in a positive way 
    • Share a vision
    • Allocate time for your team mates
    • Be transparent
    • Encourage each other to give suggestions
  • Be a good teammate
    • Be a trustworthy person 
    • Help hold others accountable
  • Are people looking forward to this activity?
  • Is there more energy in the team (e.g. more emojis, gifs, chat messages used) after we take part in the ritual? 
  • Do people feel better about themselves after participating in a ritual?

Step 5: Action Worksheet

Complete the Action Worksheet and submit a copy to your supervisor.

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