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Welcome to Creating Opportunities through Co-op, our online Co-op experience with a Virtual Industry Expert.

This is where you will have an opportunity to meet and learn from an industry expert. Work independently to create a website specific to your industry. You will assist education and career life planning, by strengthening you inquiry, decision making and leadership skills. During this course you will create a website or event related to your field of interest. You will be submitting your website to an industry expert for feedback at the end of the semester.


Course Steps

Follow these steps to complete your Independent Study

Critical Thinking Activities

Increase your critical thinking skills by reviewing the three activities below:

It’s time for… Brain Yoga!

Tour Guide for an Alien

Get your brain flowing!



Meet your Industry Partner

We are please to introduce you to:

Our Industry Partner

ICE Logo Flashpoint


You will meet your industry partner in Week 1, Week 4 and Week 10 Your teacher will provide you with the details. The links below will not be active until the sessions are booked with your industry partner and your teacher. With you be informed of the dates and times as the details are arranged. If you miss attending these virtual meetings there will be no make up dates.

Week 1 Video Link
Week 4 Video Link
Week 10 Video Link

Assignment Submission(s)

Please be sure to submit your document(s) answering all questions from the module you are completing. Include your URL for your website (if not at that stage just put N/A). Include  the module number you are on. This submission form is present at the bottom of each module page as well as here. You can submit assignments here or in the individual modules.

You must submit all four assignments in order to complete this activity.

Submit Assignment(s)

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