Creating Opportunities Through Co-op:

Module 3

Weeks 7 – 9


Module 3 Steps

Follow these steps to complete this module in weeks 7 – 9

Downloadable Fillable Form

Download the Questions for this Module using the button below. This will copy a version of the form so you can answer the questions easily. Once you have completed all the questions you can attach this form for your assignment submission at the end of this training. Alternatively you can copy and past the questions into your own Word / Google Doc / PDF to upload.

Download Questions for Module 3

Critical Thinking Activities

Increase your critical thinking skills by reviewing the three activities below:

It’s time for… Brain Yoga!

Tour Guide for an Alien

Get your brain flowing!



Please answer the following questions to complete the assignment for Module 3. These questions are generated in a downloadable form as mentioned above. You can also fill them out in your own form, however you must copy the exact question and question number. This must be in a PDF / WORD / GOOGLE DOC format only to be able to submit it at the end of this module.

1. Create a draft website using a website builder for your business, event campaign or portfolio. Add a link for your website to the submission form.

Example Student Website 2021

Weebly Website Builder

Use the 4 P’s; Product, price, place, and promotion …

2. Product: What are you selling or promoting?

Example: Do’s and Don’t when Pricing a home **These points are reflective of a lot of products.**

3. What price will your target respond to?

4. Place where will you be delivering/selling/having an event.

5. Promotion; who is the target?

6. Identify any external impacts of your offering – did you make any changes to your website/event using Pestal Analsis

7. Identify an internal impact of your offering – did you need to make any changes to your website/event? Identify Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats of your offerings.

8. Identify if your offering has a competitive advantage using Porters 5 forces

9. Did you make any changes to your website/event?

10. How would you create a website or event while removing barriers to audiences? Ex: Pricing, Easy to find contact information, Easy to find product information.

Assignment 3 Module 3 Submission

Please submit your questions answered from module one in a PDF / WORD / GOOGLE DOCS format. Attached all images and links to the one document you are submitting. You will be asked to fill out a series of questions as well which will go to your teacher. Thank you!

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