Delivering Constructive Feedback

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to assist you with completing your Action Worksheet

Step 2: Questions

Reflect on the following:

Think about a time when you received feedback.

How did your receive it?

Using the engagement checklist

What time of day or week do you think is the best time for a feedback conversation?

Using the star method

How would you prepare to start a constructive feedback conversation?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

Create a SMART Goal:

Think about an Action you can do right now to improve motivation within your team.

SMART Goal Downloadable Form

Step 4: Summary

  • Blue – harmony
  • Gold – Structure and rules
  • Green –  details
  • Orange – concise
  •  Failure to consider different levels of sensitivity
  • Treating someone in a childlike manner/lower level
  • Assuming fault & mistakes are not systemic issues
  • Assuming intention
  • Assuming you have all the facts
  • Using broad terms like attitude, sloppy 
  • Not considering the office political climate 
  • Discipline mindset rather than helping 
  • Not considering differences in history or background with the organization or cultural
  • Not providing the resources needed to make a change
G = Given with permission
I = Intent is for growth
F = For the person, not about the person
T = Targeted for success
  • Ensure you’re ready to offer constructive feedback
  • Ensure your team member is open to feedback
  • Get help preparing

S = start with the Specific situation
T = what Task was accomplished or fell short
A = Action, what occurred or what was said
R = Result of the action(s) or statement(s)

Step 5: Action Worksheet

Complete the Action Worksheet and submit a copy to your supervisor.

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