FAQ  & More Information

FIELD TRIPS 2024-2025

Why is the EARLY BIRD Call for Interest (Pre-Registration) important?  What if I don’t know my exact SHSM numbers at this time?

Registration for popular events last year went quickly.  By registering early (by June 21), we guarantee you the lowest rate for value, matching last years early bird rate!  Prices go up after June 21st, 2024.  Don’t worry about getting your number of students attending right.  Simply complete the Call for interest pre-registration and enter only an estimate (keep it on the lower end) and then in September we will connect back up with you to finalize your registration number.  This guarantees you get the early bird rate without the need for exact numbers. 


What is included with the registration?      

  The day includes:

  • Face-to-Face SPE-ICE with sector partner(s)
  • Optional pre & post ICE work
  • Students who are registered, but are absent the day of the field trip will receive an online ICE 
  • A career talk
  • An online certification from 4 options 
  • Lunch


Are there any additional costs? 

There may be additional fees for admission, game tickets, live performances and artistic activities. Field Trips with additional costs are listed below and also listed on the registration for your review before registering. 


  • Argos Game Tickets                                                   $35 Game Day October 19th, 2024
  • TFC Game Tickets                                                     $31 Game day April TBD
  • Toronto Rock Lacrosse                                            $31 Game day December or March TBD
  • Ontario Science Center Admission                        $21
  • Toronto Zoo Admission                                           $23
  • Indigenous Woodland Resource Centre              $15
  • Legoland Admission                                                $20
  • 100 Kellogg The Factory Admission                    $31
  • Bingemans Admission                                            $31
  • Jet Aircraft Museum Admission                            $5
  • Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives                $5


What are my options for the online certification with Teacher Resource? 

  • Group Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Ergonomics & Safe Lifting
  • Customer Service


What if I don’t know the exact number of students when you contact me in the Fall to verify my registration?  

When registering a number of students for the event, we recommend allowing a 10% attrition for student absences on event day. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of spaces, we cannot refund for absences after registration.  However, all students registered that are absent on event day will receive an online ICE with teacher resource.  Numbers may be increased up to 2 weeks before the field trip, but cannot be guaranteed.  Additions will be  invoiced separately.


How will my invoice be processed? 

Invoices will not be issued until October, 2024.   


How will you ensure that my students are engaged in the experiences?

Group sizes are no more than 60 and small group work is no more than 8 students.  With 2 facilitators, and feedback from our previous field trips, we are confident your students will be engaged and participate in our mixed media and diverse learning techniques.  They will be actively involved in various games, activities and exercises, providing different avenues for learning and physicality is always part of the day.   A high energy, interactive training session including music, video and team building exercises. 


How will the Field Trip meet the Ministry SHSM requirements?

Optional online pre and post ICE work is provided before the field trip to deepen the learning experience for students.  There are various types of additional material, reflective questions and exercises of up to 5 hours to more than meet requirements.  


What is the schedule for the day?  

Week before field tripOptional ICE Pre-work completed before day of field trip
9-9:30am      Arrivals & sign in
10 amHARD START!  ICE:  Sector Partner Career Talk, sharing passion for their work, personal stories and the diversity of careers and paths in the field.

More company Information to prepare for ICE challenge. 

11:30 am-NoonLunch 
12:00-1:55 pm    ICE Gears and Presentations
2pmHARD CLOSE for the day
Weeks following field tripOptional ICE Post-work completed any time following the field trip

More detailed schedules are provided prior to the Field Trip.  


What if my bus schedule needs further accommodation?

We do have hard start and end times however, students are welcome to arrive late and quietly enter the room mid session, or slip out and leave early before the end of the session. In that case,  your students may miss some elements of the day.  


What logistic issues should I be prepared for?

  • Transportation is coordinated by the Teacher
  • Dates for events may be subject to change based on sector partner requirements. Final details will be provided one month prior to your field trip. 
  • We accommodate students with the following dietary restrictions: 
    • Vegetarian
    • Gluten-free
    • Halal
    • Dairy-free
    • Students with other restrictions may bring their own lunch
    • Students are asked to bring a water bottle.
  • Events will be rescheduled if schools are closed for the day based on weather and other unforeseeable issues.


Toronto Zoo is part of an ecosystem consisting of animals, people, science and expertise, all connected in their passion and commitment to protecting animals and the wild spaces they call home.  Their mission is to save our natural world and inspire people to make changes to sustain our environment and all living things.  Students experience this amazing venue as well as a tour and career talk.  


Ontario Science Center 

Examine meteorites from Mars, discover how the human body deals with danger, explore a real-life rainforest in our permanent exhibit halls and so much more. 


Toronto Rock Lacrosse, with strong historic Canadian roots, was a game created by North American Indigenous peoples and was traditionally used for conflict resolution, religious ritual, spiritual tribute or tribal training for future battle. By exposing students to experience the game and also learn about its history, supports their understanding of equity, fair play and respect for diversity. program leaders will share their first-hand knowledge of how the game can positively impact a person’s life as well as their deep respect for the history of the game as it relates to our Canadian culture.


The Factory at Kellogg Lane is Canada’s largest indoor adventure park and entertainment destination, with something for everyone! From high ropes and ziplines to the Warrior Course thrilling adventure is waiting for you. From an idea to reality, The Factory was born like any other business; it started with a “wouldn’t it be cool to…”. With a building like none other, located in London, Ontario, the partners dreamed up an idea which would later become Canada’s largest indoor adventure park.


Bingemans, as a destination for GRAND experiences, Bingemans has it all! From hosting the perfect event, wedding, or conference to high class catering, and the largest entertainment destination in Kitchener-Waterloo, they are a leader in entertainment.  They host the largest Festhallen in Kitchener’s Bavarian Oktoberfest –the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. 


Indigenous Woodland Cultural Centre, with a goal to preserve culture, restore evidence and educate youth, the Indigenous Woodland community established this centre on the closed Mohawk Institute Residential School. Playing a huge role in education and learning, the Woodland Cultural Centre prides itself in its community connections and historic expertise. You will not only experience the artifacts in their museum, but also discover more about our Canadian Indigenous history. 


Toronto Argonauts, being a fixture in Canadian culture for over 150 years, the Toronto Argonauts are the premier football club in Toronto! But playing football isn’t the only thing the Argos care about. They strive to help equity-seeking groups remove barriers of access to improve the game of football for all. They believe that differences should be celebrated and their commitment to inclusivity isn’t all talk – it’s action too. 


Samsung, is a field trip you do NOT want to miss! See the innovative showroom and understand why Samsung has been awarded the 2024 Top Innovation Company in the world and the best workplaces in Canada for young people to grow.  Samsung devotes its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. They set a high value on its people and technologies.  Meet people from across the organization who are working for Samsung and are part of a team who value youth for their ideas.


Budweiser Gardens, get a behind the scenes look at Budweiser Gardens, the premier sports, and entertainment facility in London, Ontario.  See where Budweiser Gardens has entertained fans and hosted some of the biggest events, artists, athletes and more from all over the world. Learn about the rich 20+ year history of the facility and get an in-depth look at the day-to-day operations.  Learn how the crews reassemble the arena and create the ultimate experiences.


Jet Aircraft Museum, is home of the Canadair “Red Knight” aircraft , which was often the opening act of aerobatic displays at airshows across North America! The JAM mission is to combine the creation and operation of a museum, housing aircraft, historical artifacts, records, and salient memorabilia, while simultaneously keeping representative historic aircraft in the air whenever and wherever major aviation events are held across Canada and at appropriate international centres.


Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives, where you can experience the history of Peel and the relationship between its constituents. Explore and learn about Peel’s culture and heritage, as well as use conversation, questions and stories to help make new and fascinating connections to the surrounding community.