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ICE Summary

(Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship)

ICE Logo Flashpoint

What is ICE? Innovation is the generation and realization of a new idea in the world. This means that innovation contains within it elements of both creativity and entrepreneurship. Creativity comes into play in the generation of ideas to meet a need in the world. This is based on a fundamental belief that there is more than one right answer to a given problem. Entrepreneurship is the set of activities aimed at building, scaling and sustaining the new ideas into an existing organization or creating a new one.

Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship (ICE) are linked. One cannot exist without the others.

Why is ICE important? Adopting a creative, innovative, or entrepreneurial mindset prepares you to make a change in the world around you. It enables you to find creative solutions to problems in real companies. Every person needs to understand the ICE process and tools no matter what career or job you hold.

What is the process for ICE? ICE has a 3 GEAR Formula.

Gear 1: Finding the Need – What’s the challenge? Interpreting information about various areas of the company such as people, processes, and problems. Focus on finding needs instead of finding solutions because they last longer than any single solution does.

Gear 2: Idea Generating & Prototyping – How might the need be satisfied? Coming up with many ideas AND getting feedback on those ideas. The generation of multiple ideas, making connections, and imagining what could be takes creativity. “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”  Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate

Gear 3: Choosing a solution with Strategy & Testing – What solution works best? Selecting and making a solution work by expanding on one idea. Strategy is making choices about what you will and won’t do and who they will or won’t serve. Customers who will choose to buy/use your product/service must be clearly identified. Testing your strategy requires making assumptions about customers, competition, or the company.

Improve Critical Thinking

Increase your critical thinking skills by reviewing the three activities below:

It’s time for… Brain Yoga!

Tour Guide for an Alien

Get your brain flowing!

Reflect on Innovation


Why is innovation important to employers?

Resource Link


Why do I care about innovation as an employee?

Resource Link

Watch the Video and Reflect on the Following:

What does innovation mean to you?

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.

Watch the Video and Reflect on the Following:

Why do you think employers want to see innovation on a resume?

Review Company Resources

Please find the date of your session and your school name below.

Before your event, we invite you to explore some websites relating to our partners. Take a stroll through their online presence to familiarize yourself with their brand, business and the topics they’re passionate about. This will supercharge your experience, giving you a head start on the exciting insights and discussions awaiting you. Happy browsing, and see you there!

Date/Room: Tuesday December 5th: Room 1
School(s): Senator O’Connor College School, Chaminade College School
Sector(s): Sports + Business

Date/Room: Tuesday December 5th: Room 2
School(s): St Basil-the-Great College School, St John Henry Newman Catholic HS, Mary Ward Catholic SS
Sector(s): Sports

Date/Room: Wednesday December 6th: Room 1
School(s): James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic HS
Sector(s): Health & Wellness

Date/Room: Wednesday December 6th: Room 2
School(s): James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic HS, St Mary Catholic Academy SS, Michael Power/St Joseph HS
Sector(s): Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services + Transportation

Reflect on the Challenge

When you arrive at your session, you will be working in teams to solve an ICE challenge question. Find the date of your session along with your school name and sector to see your specific ICE challenge question.

Tuesday December 5th Schools: Senator O’Connor College School + Chaminade College School Sectors: Sports + Business
Wednesday December 6th School: James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic HS Sector: Health & Wellness

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