Leadership & GroupThink

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to assist you with completing your Action Worksheet

Step 2: Questions

Leadership happens in the overlap of people leaders and the situation when all three come together. The bigger the overlap the bigger the impact. How do you create the most impact? Which circle is in your control to shift?

Reflect on the following:

Space Shuttle Challenger:
How the space shuttle disaster was linked to Group Think

Groupthink and the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

When have you seen group think happen in your own work life? How could it have been prevented?

Who is the leader, did this leader have any legitimate authority? Did he have any change of success when he started? What changed? How might you apply this approach to your own work?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

1. Create a SMART Goal

Think about an Action you can do right now to improve honest conversations and have functional conflict.

  1. Create a document for your projects or meeting. Ex: Including facts, space for alternative ideas, goals this sets up healthy debate about the different ideas based on facts it also creates a balance of power.
  2. Create a code of conduct (Rules) for heath debate at your meetings – Everyone is invited to share their ideas- There is no reprimand formal or informal for any ideas shared – One person is assigned the role of Devil’s Advocate.
SMART Goal Sheet

2. How would you incorporate Nominal Group Technique into your Staff Meetings

Step 4: Summary

  • Put themselves out there, model behaviors, are easy to follow, Invite followers and treat them as equals, make it safe to follow, give attention to those neglected
  • The craving to be cohesive. The practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.
  • Everyone does not have a voice and External Pressure to Conform
  • Check in on the plan regularly
  • Speak up
  • Ask questions and share ideas
  • Point out challenges
  • Listen to understand (no judgment)
  • Make sure everyone has a voice
  • Brainstorming
  • Voting
  • Discussion
  • Consensus

Step 5: Action Worksheet

Complete the Action Worksheet and submit a copy to your supervisor.

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