Agriculture SHSM Sector

The SHSM – Agriculture enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university, or an entry-level position in the workplace. Where local circumstances allow, boards may elect to offer one or more variants of the SHSM in a given sector, each with a particular area of focus. This SHSM may be designed to have a particular focus – for example, on agricultural equipment or animal and crop science. This focus is achieved through the selection of the four major credits in the bundle.


CPR – C with AED
Standard First Aid
WHMIS – generic (i.e., not site-specific) instruction


Advanced training in a technique (e.g., specific equipment maintenance, tilling, irrigation);  Livestock production; Compass/map/global positioning system (GPS); Sector-specific software 1; Animal first aid; Nutrient management; equipment operation safety; sector-specific vehicle operation and safety approaches to healing; principles of drainage; fire safety and fire extinguisher; use small engine maintenance; chainsaw safety; safe lifting; fundamentals of the combine – level 1; sustainable resource management planning; customer service; sector-specific sustainability practices; hazardous atmospheres and confined spaces; transgenic plant identification; fall protection; seed saving herbicide and pesticide; weed and pest identification and management; first aid/CPR/AED awareness; soil classification and testing;  infection control; grain grading; theory of combine settings and adjustments – level 2;  ladder safety training; health and safety – basic; vehicle lift safety; large animal handling; hydraulics – basic ; Working at Heights;  livestock medicine; introduction to pest management; advanced training in a technology, land and forest survey skills; lockout/tagging land and forest survey skills anti-oppression and allyship training portfolio development leadership skills basic electrical safety project management

Flashpoint Certifications

Customer Service
Portfolio Development
Project Management
Standard First Aid

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