Energy SHSM Sector

Students enrolled in the SHSM–Energy will be involved in today’s rapid and exciting changes in green energy technologies. They will have the opportunity to solve some of the most pressing issues facing modern societies, while having good prospects for a varied career in a dynamic sector. Where local circumstances allow, boards may elect to offer one or more variants of the SHSM in a given sector, each with a particular area of focus. This SHSM may be designed to have a particular focus – for example, on power generation and distribution, renewable and alternative energy, or energy efficiency. This focus is achieved through the selection of the four major credits in the bundle.


CPR – C with AED
Standard First Aid


advanced training in a technique hazardous materials anti-oppression and allyship training leadership skills alternative energy hoisting and rigging compass/map/global positioning system (GPS) ozone-depletion prevention basic electrical safety ladder safety training confined space awareness portfolio development computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) lockout/tagging elevated work platforms radiation safety customer service pipeline construction safety ergonomics sector specific software 1 energy efficiency project management fire safety and fire extinguisher use trenching safety fall protection renewable energy geographic information system (GIS) Working at Heights first aid/CPR/AED awareness sector-specific vehicle operation and safety health and safety – basic watershed management infection control advanced training in a technology

Flashpoint Certifications

Customer Service
Portfolio Development
Project Management
Ergonomics and Safe Lifting
Standard First Aid

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