Personality Styles, Stressors and Communication

Step 1: Resources

Please review each of these resources thoroughly to assist you with completing your Action Worksheet

Step 2: Questions

Reflect on the following Questions:

How will you shift your communication with co-workers when communicating with them electronically?

How will you shift how you communicate with specific co-workers?

Reflect on the Following Questions:

Think about your stressors.

How might you communicate with your co-workers to let them know what your preferences are?

What tools might you put in place to keep communication preferences of your co-workers present in mind when you communicate with them?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.

Step 3: Exercise

Complete the Colours Quiz using our Downloadable and Printable Forms.

What Colour do you think you are? What was your final Colour?

Thinking of Someone outside of work, what Colour are they? Do you see some Communication patterns that happen as a result of your Personality Style?

Colours Quiz
Colours Summary Sheet

Step 4: Summary

  • Lack of non-verbal cues
  • Lack of tones
  • The receiver filling in the blanks without the non-verbal cues
  • Blue – Authentic
  • Gold – Organize
  • Green – Inquiring
  • Orange – Resourceful
  • Blue – Harmony
  • Gold – Schedule and Structure
  • Green – Clear Direct Language
  • Orange – Realistic and Practical

Step 5: Action Worksheet

Complete the Action Worksheet and submit a copy to your supervisor.

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