SHSM Certification Descriptions2022-07-25T12:31:26-04:00

SHSM Certification Descriptions

Business Etiquette2022-07-21T16:12:09-04:00

This certification will enable participants to explore professional business etiquette in the new millennium.

Topics covered will include first impression management, time and resource management, accountability and responsibility components including punctuality and respect, proper use of business communication mediums, as well as image management such as the use of language and dress in the workplace.

Participants will learn proper phone etiquette which will encompass preparing for calls, using professional call greetings, appropriate language and voice inflection as well as questioning and listening skills that support effective phone communication.

Communication Skills2022-07-21T16:11:38-04:00

This certification explores the importance of strong communication skills in the workplace and identifies what makes these skills hard to master. It also highlights the pitfalls that workers can fall into when not using proper communication strategies.

Participants will learn about various communication techniques including face-to-face (formal and informal), and effective use of various communication channels such as email, newsletters, social media, websites, and electronic and physical bulletin boards.

Participants will develop an action plan based on their communication style by learning how perceptions impact communication, understanding active listening and level three attention, and will be introduced to different communication styles based on personality types.

Conflict Resolution2022-07-21T16:12:54-04:00

This certification explores the basis of conflict, conflict as a stage in the continuum of change, the different conflict styles, and builds skills for reaching effective solutions.  Students will learn to identify potential disagreements before they surface, articulate desired outcomes, and to effectively deal with difficult people and challenging situations.

Throughout the certification participants will discover how conflicts affect them in various situations, how to adjust perspectives in order to shift thinking and action, and
understand how to address conflict based on equity and human needs.

Customer Service2022-07-21T16:14:21-04:00

This sector-specific certification will enable participants to define and understand the benefits of exceptional customer service. Participants will assess whether they have the traits needed for a customer service mindset.

They will also learn to recognize the barriers to great customer service, how to adapt to different customer behaviour styles, and develop a personal action plan to develop their skills.

Effective Networking2022-07-21T16:14:55-04:00

This session explores the truth about networking. Participants learn the importance of building authentic relationships based on trust to serve others.

While exploring the power of networking and building customer-focused relationships, participants will learn and practice networking techniques such as creating a unique value proposition, a 30 second elevator speech, and building on networks from existing contacts.

Equity and Inclusion2022-07-21T16:15:35-04:00

This certification speaks to barriers that various populations may face as they try to navigate social systems, and challenges participants to consider diversity and assumptions, and encourages participants to ask about inclusion and apply their learning to their work.

Participants will review the ‘inter-sectional wheel diagram’ to explain how individuals may face multiple forms of discrimination and factors that contribute to discrimination. They will discuss systemic barriers and how to become champions for equity.

Ergonomics (with Safe Lifting)2022-07-21T16:16:08-04:00

No matter where you work or what you do, ergonomics and safe lifting can benefit you, both in the short term and long term. Computers and phones are almost a full-time part of life, yet serious efforts to prevent computer-related injuries have largely been limited to the workplace.

Participants will understand proper ergonomics while using technology and what to do to keep and comfortable. Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts’ of keeping healthy through ergonomics and safe lifting.

Ethical Considerations2022-07-21T16:16:42-04:00

This certification looks at the meaning of ethics from multiple perspectives and the impact various factors can have on them. Students will identify some of their own ethical situations and will have an understanding of how they may be different depending on various factors.

The session will provide real-life scenarios and conflicts students may face, as well as those within the industry. The certification will provide steps to assist in making choices when confronted with an ethical situation.

Event Coordination2022-07-21T16:17:31-04:00

Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, team building activity, party, or convention.

Participants will learn why planning is key to a successful event/project and what steps to take to ensure consideration of all various aspects of event coordination.  Regardless of whether events are small or large, participants will work to know who the audience is as a team in order to serve their needs.

Group Dynamics2022-07-21T16:18:06-04:00

How individuals interact with each other and within groups is an important skill in a world where working in teams is inevitable. Understanding how groups work together is part of creating positive group dynamics.

Participants will understand what is required to ensure teams can work towards collective decisions, and are held accountable for outcomes. Learn the benefits of having a team plan, the serious pitfalls of the “craving to be cohesive”, and what you can do to avoid the related challenges.

Leadership Skills2022-07-21T16:18:40-04:00

This sector-specific certification will enable participants to explore practices and practical applications that identify leadership skills and competencies. Participants will be empowered to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of life and uncover, deepen, and build on their natural strengths as a leader.

Topics covered will include learning how to raise their personal awareness of their strengths and limiting beliefs, incorporating new ways to work that will create positive environments, and learning ways to ignite their own and others’ passions and best-selves so that they’re inspired to contribute at their highest potential.

Personality Inventory2022-07-21T16:19:15-04:00

This certification pulls on a number of personality tools where participants self-identify traits that they most align with. Participants will work on defining what is most important in their lives and gain clarity about what they truly want to accomplish.

Participants will discover their strengths as well as what’s holding them back, in order to increase confidence and assist in overcoming limiting beliefs.  Participants build on this knowledge to identify skills that utilize their natural traits to optimal potential and production for the highest outcome of satisfaction and passion in their work.

Portfolio Development2022-07-21T16:19:44-04:00

This sector-specific certification will allow participants to find out why a portfolio is a great way to get noticed and help reach goals. Professional portfolios provide a visual opportunity to share an individual’s work and personality, and can be digital or in hard copy.

Participants will learn the inside scoop from experts who know what to include in a portfolio, tips on how to stand out from the crowd, and why creating it over time is the best approach.

Project Management2022-07-21T16:20:16-04:00

This sector-specific certification starts with learning the definition of a project and what makes it a part of everyone’s life, in one form or another. Students will learn the steps of project management and complete a simple project as part of the training.

In just minutes, they’ll understand what project management is about, regardless of the size of the project. Participants will grow accustomed to multitasking and time management in order to successfully complete projects.

Proposal and Grant Writing2022-07-21T16:20:52-04:00

Free money is available, if you know how to access it. There are so many student grants available from organizations and individuals that want to support youth.  Grants provide money to support causes and organizational objectives.

Participants will understand what is important when writing a proposal or applying for a grant, what should be included, and resources that can assist them.  Participants will learn how to influence others through their writing and will have the opportunity to apply.

Stress Management2022-07-21T16:21:24-04:00

Participants will learn what the stress responses are while gaining useful information and simple tips on how to combat stress. They will understand how to use adaptive behaviour that is easy to implement to help reduce stress.

Participants are given an opportunity to explore both short yoga and meditation exercises, while understanding the powerful benefits of both in this engaging session.

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