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When bringing students together to complete online certifications/ICE or Pre and Post work for Face to Face Certifications/ICE;  scroll down and you will find resources to engage students below

Pre/Post Work Links for Online Certs
Pre/Post Work Links for ICE Certification

Brining Students Together

Help to bring students together to complete online certifications:

Why bring students together to complete on-line resources ?

This is An alternative to on-line independent work. Bringing students together enables students to work collaboratively when a full face to face certification is not viable or schedules do not permit.
Students complete exercises to better understand the content and work through a clear step-by-step process to support their SHSM sector and/or career interest.
Students and teachers access the on-line training LINK from anywhere, on any device, at any time, allowing students to complete the learning within any space available to the teacher.

What type of student is best suited for this type of learning?

  • Motivated by working with others
  • Learns through direct communication with others 
  • Recognizes the benefits of group work 
  • Values the experiences and knowledge others bring to the table
  • Prefers the structure of a set time to meet and work 
  • Interested in sharing thoughts and ideas
  • Sees the value in social connections
  • Has limited time resources available outside school work and extracurricular activities

How much time should be allotted for working together with the Online Certification content?

We recommend (2) 90 min time slots average; per certification; to allow for reflection and application. The amount of time will vary depending on the academic level of the students and the following:

  • The drive/motivation of the students
  • The time management support provided by the teacher, including completion during time together
  • The support of the school community (providing space etc.)

Improving Critical Thinking

Increase critical thinking skills by reviewing the three activities below:

It’s time for… Brain Yoga!

Tour Guide for an Alien

Get your brain flowing!

Sample Exercises

Tools and exercises that can be used to help engage students when brining students together to complete online certification content

5 Tips to help students when presenting

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.

Create a PICTURE MOOD BOARD for students’ ideas

Mood Board Link

Identify any impacts of ideas using PESTEL ANALYSIS


Identify advantages of ideas using PORTER’S 5 FORCES

Porter Link

Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of ideas using SWOT


Motivational Message For Students

Adjust volume or pause video as needed.

Closed caption.


Resources for Teachers

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