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Please review each of these resources thoroughly to prepare for the quiz at the end of this page.


Think of businesses that you’ve visited:

  • Do you support them because they deliver great service?
  • Have you ever had a bad service experience?
  • Have you gone back?
  • Did you tell others about it?
  • If not, what would it take for you to go back?

Watch the Video!

Adjust the volume or pause the video to meet your needs.


This puzzle contains significant hints for the final quiz!

1. What barks?
2. What meows?
3. What giraffes?


(Replace this text with content specific to this certification).

Use either the Toggles or Checklist element below (depending on amount of content in the summary).

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Complete the following quiz and your certificate will be sent to your teacher once your submission has been reviewed.  Good luck!

Complete Quiz

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