Virtual Etiquette

Guidelines for Virtual Calls

  1. Ensure the latest version of the application being used is installed on your computer or browser. For Zoom Install or update the Zoom application (version 5.3 or higher on Windows or on MacOS, version 5.0 or higher on ChromeOS)
  1. Join the meeting using the link supplied by the organizer.
  1. Make sure to mute your microphone unless the speaker is asking you to speak.
  1. Please ensure your camera is turned on.
  1. Make sure that you’re properly identified. Change your name to ensure we can take attendance. For Zoom you can change your name by name by clicking on the “Participants” tab, then by clicking on “More” beside your name. You have access to the chat window by clicking the “Chat” tab.
  1. Use the chat function to ask questions or you can also use the “Reactions” tab to ask questions in the call to “raise your hand”.
  1. Do not unmute to speak until instructed so by the speaker.
  1. Please be respectful to everyone in the meeting.
  1. Smile and keep your camera turned on as much as possible. 😃 Meetings are much more interesting when we can see each other.

Zoom Tips:

At the top right corner, you can click on “Gallery view” or on “Speaker view” to change

what you see on your screen.

To be able to move to different Zoom rooms, you can click on the “Breakout rooms” tab.

A window will open and you can join a specific room by clicking on the blue number

besides the room name. Then, simply click “Join”.

Enjoy your virtual call!


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