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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pre placement content for my students?2023-02-03T23:43:56-05:00

Yes we offer 10 certifications which align with the Ontario Curriculum Strand A, preparing for the Experience this includes 10 certifications which can be purchased individually or separately

How do I register for asynchronous certifications and training events?2023-02-03T23:11:41-05:00

Centrally-funded boards: complete the digital registration and we will send you the selected training links and reach out to book the details of your training days..
Other boards: complete the digital registration and we will send you an estimate. Once you have confirmed the estimate, we will send you the selected certification links and/or begin planning your training day and send you an official invoice.

Are asynchronous certifications only provided for large groups or can they be purchased for single students?2023-02-03T23:14:07-05:00

Asynchronous certifications can be purchased for as few as one (1) student, with no maximum. The system is designed to handle any number of registrants, allowing you to register for as many different certifications in one registration.

What if I need to register more students or extend completion?2023-02-03T23:14:58-05:00

Registration is open until the end of the school year. Completion deadlines can be determined by the Board Lead, with a recommendation to communicate a deadline of May 31st to students. Links are active typically until the end of the second week in June. Please contact us if you want to extend the deadline.

When will I receive the asynchronous training link(s)?2023-02-03T23:18:16-05:00

The training link(s) are sent directly to the teacher within 24 hours of registration.

Is there anything that might assist with increasing the completion of the online training?2023-02-03T23:22:17-05:00

i.Tracking completion rates and following up with students.

Ii. Here is a sample message points you can send to students to help ease any anxiety.

– Short 5 minute Certification Video
– Super short true/false quiz, where there are no wrong answers
– Instant submission of the quiz which then sends their Certificate of –      Completion to their teacher

iii. We are providing student incentives/prizes each month for completions within the month, October-May

Where are the completed certificates sent?2023-02-03T23:25:46-05:00

Every Monday, all certificates completed in the week prior will be generated and, along with the students’ responses, be added to a Google Drive folder and shared with the email address entered by the students (ie. their teacher’s email)

How much does it cost?2023-02-03T23:26:39-05:00

Individual certification pricing is available, however the most economical way is to purchase an unlimited certification access packages. Contact us for more details.

What if I have questions or am having some technical issues?2023-02-03T23:27:50-05:00

We offer technical support and are available for any questions through email at contactus@flashpointtraining.com. If you need a phone call please leave your number in the email and we will call you.

Do you offer co-op placements?2023-02-03T23:46:14-05:00

No, we do not generally offer co-op placements – we do  offer an asynchronous hybrid experience for the Creating Experiences Through Co-op course ,which has its own code  DC 030 and can allow students to complete their co-op credits. 

This course allows students to create their own innovative or entrepreneurial opportunity that draws on their own interests, skills and career goals ( page 18 of the Ontario Co-op Curriculum)

What does Creating Opportunities Through Co-op look like?2023-02-03T23:43:47-05:00

Students create a webpage for their own innovative or entrepreneurial opportunity that draws on their interests, skills and career life goals

This experience is:
Independent, self-directed
A multi -sector experience
Where students complete 4 Modules
Where students meet partners 3 times throughout the term

The experience begins with a one-hour live virtual call with an industry partner with expertise in Web design where students are able to ask questions and get first-hand access to an industry professional and follows with 2 more opportunities to meet with the partner.

Teachers automatically receive a copy of student assignment submissions so they can monitor the student’s progress

Which Students are best suited/benefit most from this experience.2023-02-03T23:43:36-05:00

Successful students are most likely:

  • Independent learners
  • Self-starters
  • SHSM or other students who require co-op but are unable to complete a placement due to various challenges ie. schedules.
  • Career-driven students
  • Entrepreneurial students
Why would a student choose to enroll in DC030 Co-op?2023-02-03T23:43:28-05:00

This experience serves students who require a co-op credit but who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to complete a co-op placement. This virtual co-op program is an alternative for students who may have other barriers that limit them to complete a co-op placement in the community. Some of the barriers students face can encompass: social anxiety, inability to commute to a placement; no opportunity available due to the ‘pandemic’; lack of time available within their academic timetable and many more.

When can I register students for the training?2023-02-03T23:30:16-05:00

Registration is open from September – May. Register any time. You can register anytime. Contact us now! 

Who is the supervisor for the DC030 Co-op course?2023-02-03T23:43:21-05:00

We are considered a community partner for this course rather than a placement employer or supervisor as this course does not involve a placement.

The role of the partner is to provide expertise, skills, materials and programs that are not available through the school or supplement those that are (pg 12 Ontario Curriculum)

Who marks and assigns grades to DC030 co-op students?2023-02-03T23:43:11-05:00

Based on the Ontario Curriculum “The co-operative education teacher is solely responsible for evaluating students’ achievement and assigning student grades. (pg 29 Ontario Curriculum)

How should time be allocated to complete DC030 Co-op?2023-02-03T23:42:54-05:00

A student allocates 15 hours per week (3 hours per day) , for 12 weeks, for a total of 190 hours to complete the experiential learning experience. Note: this is not a co-op placement but an experiential learning opportunity.

Course Schedule Link

What much value will my students get out of this co-op?2023-02-03T23:42:33-05:00

Time variables and richness of the experience depends on:

  • The drive/independence of the student
  • The engagement of the teacher
  • The time management support provided by the teacher, including completion in the class 
  • The support of the school community
What programs are available virtually?2022-07-20T13:33:13-04:00

You can review our entire catalog of virtual programs available here!

What programs are available in-person?2023-02-03T23:28:42-05:00

We offer all of our certifications in-person as well as our ICE. These experiences are completely customizable to your students’ needs. Connect with us today to learn more!

How do I register?2022-07-27T10:47:39-04:00

Centrally-funded boards: simply complete our Registration Form and we will send you the selected certification links and or more information to book your in-person session.

Every other board: simply complete our Registration Form and we will send you an estimate. Once you have confirmed the estimate, we will send you the selected certification links and an official invoice.

When can I register students for training?2022-07-27T10:46:39-04:00

It is an open registration; you can register anytime!

What sets Flashpoint apart from other companies?2022-09-20T11:05:45-04:00

It’s the fact that we give students the opportunity to meet people who work in the occupations, see the workplaces and get highly interactive training sessions all in one. In a nutshell, we offer what the Ministry had envisioned for this program. We provide two highly experienced industry facilitators to guarantee a richer experience and unprecedented engagement.

We offer training options that are not always easy to access. We offer experiences that students may not otherwise be able to access and are pretty cool. Finally let’s face it, SHSM teachers are extremely hard working teachers who are constantly juggling their various commitments. We take care of everything from sign in, training, tours, talks, certificate presentations and if requested we’ll even arrange for lunch. It has also been our experience that teachers appreciate the simplified budgeting process.

What is included in the virtual certification training?2022-07-20T13:33:34-04:00

It includes a variety of content with videos, resources, personal reflection questions, a short and easy knowledge quiz, additional resource links and a summary
of the certification.

How many students / certifications can I register for?2022-07-20T13:28:23-04:00

These certifications can be purchased for any number of students (even as few as one student!). You can register as many students across as many certifications as you like in a single registration.

How long does the training take to complete?2022-09-20T11:06:38-04:00

Our standard for an ICE or a 2 Certification session is a full school day. We are happy to adjust the timing as needed.

How long does the asynchronous training take to complete?2023-02-03T23:17:34-05:00

Completion time is between 45 – 75 minutes per online certification, but students can take as long as they require to complete the training.  The on-demand approach provides cues to pause the video and allow as much time as needed to complete the work.  In fact, the training may be repeated or completed over any period of time.

The Ministry understands that student attention for on-line learning is shorter and allows for less than the required standard three hours per face-to-face certification.

When will I receive the link to the training?2022-07-20T13:34:20-04:00

The training link(s) are typically sent directly to the teacher within 24 hours of registration.

What if my students cannot attend the event that day?2022-09-20T11:07:15-04:00

We understand that when dealing with teenagers, attendance is never as anticipated. This year we are pleased to provide a complimentary asynchronous certification link for any student who was unable to attend their scheduled in-person session.

What if I need to register more students or extend the completion deadline?2022-07-20T13:28:54-04:00

Registration is typically open until the end of the school year.  Completion deadlines can be determined by the Board Lead and extended if necessary.  Please contact us and we would be happy to find a solution that meets your needs.

How will I know the student completed the asynchronous training?2023-02-03T23:19:31-05:00

Students will enter their name into the quiz or worksheet along with the teacher’s email address so that all responses and the associated Certificates of Completion are tracked. We will send you access and regular updates to Google Drive folders containing student certificates of completion and student quiz / worksheet submissions. Every Monday new certifications are generated for students who have completed. These are added to your google folder and we let you know via email. If you do not receive an email on Monday then no new students have completed their certification. This ensures you don’t get an email every time a student completes a certification and allows you to forward the Certificate of Completion to the student at any time.

Do you offer Off-site events?2022-09-20T11:08:28-04:00

Off-site sessions are where we come from! We continue to offer our signature off-site partnership experiences. Just ask.

How much does it cost?2022-07-20T13:29:54-04:00

Individual certification pricing is available, but we always strive to find a way to work within your budget!

We can offer bulk pricing on a school-wide or even board-wide basis, so be sure to contact us for any number of certifications!

Can students complete the quiz more than once?2022-07-20T13:35:13-04:00

Yes, the quiz may be completed more than once.  However, the answers are referenced in the summary above quiz.  Therefore this should prevent the need to complete the quiz more than once.  The e-learning can be reviewed as many times as needed to assist in understanding the material.

How do I get started?2022-09-20T11:11:16-04:00

Complete our online registration and our customer service team will connect with you to talk about your needs. Or, please reach out to us by email or phone.

Do you offer certifications in French?2023-02-03T23:10:17-05:00

Definitely! All programming is available in French.

Is there anything that might incentivize students to complete their certifications?2022-07-20T13:35:35-04:00

Tracking completion rates and following up with students is the key to maximizing completions!

That said, Flashpoint also offers virtual synchronous facilitated instruction for groups of up to 40 students for any certification.
The facilitator will walk students through the certification and they can complete the requirements as they go.
The content is very youth-centered and feedback from students is extremely positive.

We also provide prizes each month for completion within the month, October through May.

Can I see a sample of a certification page?2023-02-03T23:20:39-05:00

Absolutely! You can visit this link to view an example of our Stress Management

How do you ensure student privacy?2023-02-03T23:25:18-05:00

All communication with students will be done through the teacher. We do not request or collect any personal information. We maintain 100% student privacy, complying with MFIPPA, FIPPA and PHIPA, and do not collect or request any personal information. We have been assessed and meet the ECNO Student Digital Privacy Standards for classroom applications, software and web services.

Where are the certificates sent?2022-07-20T13:37:02-04:00

On the 1st of each month, all certificates completed in the month prior will be generated and, along with the students’ responses, be added to a Google Drive folder and shared with the email address entered by the students (ie. their teacher’s email).

What if students don’t have computers or good technical skills?2023-02-03T23:24:00-05:00

The training is simple and includes:

  • No need for a login
  • No need for software or apps
  • No need for a computer if they have access to a cell phone with internet
  • Technical support offered upon request

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